Core Business

Firat Insaat Endustri San.Ve Tic. A.S. is the main contractor for BOTAS, Turkish Ministery of National Defence and NATO, TCK, TCDD, DSI and specialized about oil pipelines, naturalgas pipelines, underground storage tanks, quality concrete pavements, utility projects, hardened/semihardened buildings and any job that can take place within the scope of military and civil airport projects.


  • Reliable
  • High efficiency optimum cost
  • On time delivery
  • Fast organizational skills
  • Diversified business experience (infrastructure – superstructure – mechanics)
  • Customer focused, result oriented, flexible and experienced about working in different areas of  Turkey.

Environmental Policies

  • Taking OHS-E as a referance, spreading our environmental policies to all levels of production and management by monitoring the innovations and educating all employees accordingly. 
  • Using a systematic, consistent and effective system for health and security, environment preservation, personel and industrial relationship and quality control. 
  • To comply with all national and local laws and obligations. 
  • To preserve a better and more viable environment to next generations. 
  • Promote recycling and preventing waste of natural resources. 
  • To unite all quality, environment and health and security regulations within the company and distribute to all levels of production and management to ensure the continuity.

Quality Policy

  • Minimum ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 levels to be achived. 
  • To keep the services above customer expectations as a responsible and reliable firm. 
  • Using all sources effectively and efficiently.
  • Being on line with the technology and pass the advancements to the customers in the most efficient way. 
  • Continuously updating our process as to a continuous production and delivery.